Your final project

I threw a lot of information at you the other day about your final project, a multimedia story that will combine text, video and photos. But here’s all you need to know for now:

Please write a post describing the story that you want to do for your final project. If at all possible, it should be related to your beat. I also expect that it will be local so that you can conduct interviews in person. That doesn’t mean you can’t drive to New Hampshire. It does mean that I don’t want a story that is based on phone interviews with people in Los Angeles.

Your story may be about some digital-media aspect related to your beat, but that is not a requirement. For instance, Anthony Gulizia’s beat is the Red Sox. He could do a story about how the Red Sox are using social media. He could profile a prominent fan blogger. Or he could do something completely different, such as profiling a retired Red Sox player or groundskeeper or whatever.

Please write a blog post describing your final project and have it up by 9 a.m. this Thursday, March 21. I want to see evidence that you’ve thought this through and that you have made contact with at least one key source that you’ll need to make this happen.


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