Getting ready for our Google map project

Each of you will write a 250- to 350-word blog post, with a few photos, about a good place to get a burger in Boston. You all have an assigned burger place at this point. Your post should function partly as a feature story, partly as a review, providing information that a would-be customer would need to know in deciding whether or not to visit.

Each post needs to include the following information:

  • Days and hours of operation
  • Prices — a range is fine, or you can simply note what you paid
  • Website and phone number (I know I said in class that the phone number wasn’t necessary, but let’s do it)
  • Exact address
  • The nearest T stop
  • Is it handicapped-accessible?

Your post should include an assessment of your meal, the service, the ambiance, whether there is a veggie-burger option and anything else you can think of.

The assignment includes an interview. You need to get some quotes from someone — a customer, a server, whoever — with his or her name and some identifying information (i.e., Jonathan Turley, a tourist from Boise, Idaho). I’m only looking for one interview because we need to keep our posts reasonably short.

When you come to class on Tuesday, you need to have your story written and posted on your blog and your photos available to you. You will need one photo specifically for the Google map — a horizontal, general shot that could be of something as simple as a building or a sign. It must be online, and it will be easier to work with if you post it to Flickr.

We’ll put the map together in class.


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