Getting ready to edit your videos

I hope you all had a good experience shooting video (and stills) for your video project. Perhaps you are shooting today — it’s certainly a good day for it. You got some great guidance on Friday from Mary Knox Merrill. The Mindy McAdams guide on the syllabus, especially Part 12, has some good advice on shooting video as well.

On Tuesday we will begin editing our videos. Most of you will be moving your clips and photos to an iMac in 171 Holmes. Please come equipped with what you need — most likely a USB cable you can plug into your camera and then attach to the computer. Also: Everyone should bring earbuds or headphones.

I will do a little bit of demo’ing of iMovie ’11. Mainly, though, it’s a hands-on program, and it can be hard to figure out what someone else is doing simply by looking at an overhead. On the syllabus, the two most valuable documents are Apple’s “Get Started with iMovie” and the tutorial from Bowling Green State University. The tutorial is a PDF and it’s not that long. You should consider printing it out and bringing it with you.

There are some advanced features you don’t need to bother with. We’re not doing voice-overs (you can if you want to, though). We’re not adding music or flaky themes. We are making a basic three- to five-minute video with three interviews, at least three clips of B-roll, still photos, title slides and transitions. That’s it.

This will be fun.


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