Getting ready to shoot your photo story

I am operating on the assumption that we won’t have class tomorrow. But you can be assured that if classes aren’t canceled, I will be in the lab at 8 a.m., hoping someone will show up.

Please make sure you re-read the assignment. Remember: Your finished slideshow will comprise six to 10 photos. To get those, you should shoot a lot more than that — horizontal and vertical shots, close-ups, midrange and distant.

You will find the reading in the syllabus to be useful. Read the first of the three Mindy McAdams posts especially carefully and follow all the links. She discusses all of the techniques you need to take good photos, including the “rule of thirds.” The Poynter piece is also terrific — a great guide to telling a story with photos. We are not producing audio slideshows, but we are writing headlines and text that are the equivalent of audio.

For some practical examples, please take a look at an assignment done for this class by Pat Tarantino. He hits all the points of the assignment — strong photos, lots of variety and interviews with three people. And here is mine, which I showed you the other day. It doesn’t exactly fit the assignment — I only have quotes from two people, and no interviews. Other than that, though, it will give you an idea of what I’m looking for.

Please remember that if we don’t have class on Friday, I would like to see you all on email at 9 a.m. Please feel free to email me any time with questions and ideas about your photo story.


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