Your Storify assignment

We’re going to get started on this in class today, but we may not finish. Please assemble a Storify about a story in the news that you have chosen. I am not going to specify how many elements you should include, although you should have no problem finding about a dozen.

No doubt most of what you include will be tweets, but don’t limit yourself. News stories, YouTube videos and photos you find on Flickr and Instagram are all grist for you mill. Make sure you use your own writing for context and transitions.

After you are done, write a brief blog post explaining your Storify and linking to it. I wish we could embed our Storifys in our blogs, but that capability is not available.

You will find that the process of assembling a Storify is so simple and fast that you might think you can wrap it up in a few minutes. Slow down. Think about what you’re including. Could you find something better? Are your items in the order that you want?

Storify can pretty much eliminate the journalist’s voice — but not if you include strong passages of your own writing to tie together the examples of social media that you find.

Deadline: Tuesday, Feb. 5, before class.

A few sample Storifys from last semester:


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