Post-class notes

I wanted to clarify that your assignment for Tuesday is to find at least a half-dozen sources of information related to your chosen beat — blogs, websites, Google News and Blogsearch results, and the like — and plug them into Google Reader. I flew past a lot of things pretty quickly, so here are the links:

That’s a minimum. I think it would be pretty easy for most of you to come up with a dozen. Aim for a range of mainstream media, individual bloggers, “official” information (for instance, a hospital news service for a health blog) and anything else you can come up with.

Google Reader is actually a great way to keep up on all kinds of news. If you put enough thought into tweaking it, you can make it your main source of news, setting up different folders on various topics that interest you. Beat-related materials could be just one folder.

Here is a link to Reeder, which is a great front end for Google Reader if you use a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad or all three. It isn’t just nicer-looking — it has functionality that Google Reader lacks. I’m not as familiar with the Windows or Android worlds, but I’m sure there are good similar products for those platforms.

Please keep up with the reading as well. I would especially like to have a robust discussion of the introduction to “Post-Industrial Journalism” on Tuesday.


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